Life Members

Life Members are elected by a three-quarters majority of Active or Life Members at an Annual General Meeting of the Association. A candidate for Life Membership must have rendered outstanding service to the Association or any equivalent Umpiring State or National Association as an active member of not fewer than ten (10) years standing.

William J. Allan
Nicholas Angelos (Elected 1996)
Jack Armstrong
Geroge Brack
Fred Bradley
Glen Callaghan (Elected 2007)
J. J. ‘Mick’ Clancey
Richard Cox (Elected 2004)
Roger Crowhurst (Elected 1991)
Danny Daniel (Elected 1990)
Tom Evans
Wally Craig (Deceased)
Mrs Ruby Craig (Deceased)
Stewart Eckermann (Elected 2014)
Grant Godfrey (Elected 1995)
Les Gonye (Elected 2006)
E. J. ‘Jock’ Griffin (Deceased)
Peter Hampshire (Elected 1995)
Henry Harrop (Elected 1996)
Theo Haughan
Michael Heinrichs (Elected 1999)
Max Henry (Elected 1990)
William Hunkin (Deceased)
Chris Huon
Martin Jackson (Elected 1991)
George Jones (Deceased)
Frank Kalayzich (Elected 1996)
John Lanser
Jack Leber
Anton Lewis (Elected 2006)
Mal W. Lee
Leo Magee
George Maruan
Alan McIntyre (Elected 2001)
Patrick McMahon (Elected 2005)
Shane McSpeerin (Elected 2004)
Jim A. McSweeney
Jack Maude
Kevin Meade (Elected 1999)
Frank Nevill (Deceased)
Peter Nilson (Elected 2006)
Laurie O’Connor (Deceased)
John Reid (Elected 1989)
Ken Ray (Elected 2005)
Mark S. Rendell
Sean Richardson (Elected 2014)
Anthony W. St Clair (Deceased)
Andrew Scovell (Elected 2017)
James Smail
Andrew Smith (Elected 2002)
Robert Tait
Robert Taylor (Elected 2017)
Roy Thomas
Steven Wallbank (Elected 2002)
Ross Wheeler
Frank Williamson
George M. Wood
David Yole (Elected 1998)