The objectives for which the NSWAF Umpires’ Association is established are:

  • to represent Members with integrity, respect and relevance for the advancement of the interests, standing and skills of Members;
  • to provide a collective voice to benefit the welfare of Umpires;
  • the development of fellowship between Umpires; and
  • so far as may be incidental to these Objectives, the promotion of Australian Football in New South Wales.

The NSWAFUA is an incorporated association under the ‘Associations Incorporation Act 1984’.

The Constitution forms the rules and structure within which the Association operates under the Act. This includes the objectives for which the NSWAFUA is established, Membership, the Committee and meetings.

If you have any questions regarding the NSWAF Umpires’ Association Constitution, please Contact Us.

More information about incorporated associations is also available at the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

NSWAFUA Constitution 2010 (PDF)